Supply Chain Management Degrees

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B.S. in Management/E-business
Degree Granting Institution: Kaplan University
You'll gain an understanding of the theories and practices underlying a global electronic marketplace, and students may seek positions in Internet marketing and advertising, Internet strategy formulation, information systems strategy, human resource management, and supply chain management.
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Associate of Arts in Acquisition and Contract Management
Degree Granting Institution: Strayer University
This degree program prepares students for careers in contract management positions in both business and government.
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Bachelor of Science in Business with a minor in Supply Chain Management
Degree Granting Institution: Western International University
This degree covers the dynamics of Logistics Management in the twenty-first century. It begins with an overview of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and some if its important related components. You'll examine various processes associated with logistics and SCM, including the role of warehousing in logistics and the Supply Chain System.
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Mastering Contract Management Certificate
Degree Granting Institution: Villanova University
This course covers the critical duties performed by contracting personnel during the negotiation and contract administration phase of the acquisition process. You will be able to monitor both prime contract and subcontract performance and resolve issues related to performance in order to ensure deliveries on time and within cost.
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